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Incursioni dei Portoghesi sulla costa del Makran: Una testimonianza nella tradizione orale 1-gen-1996 Badal, Khan Sabir
Balochistan (the music) 1-gen-1997 Badal, Khan Sabir
The changing contents of Baloch women's songs in Eastern Makran 1-gen-1999 Badal, Khan Sabir
Portuguese encounters with coastal Makran Baloch during the sixteenth century 1-gen-2000 Badal, Khan Sabir
The Role of Audience in Balochi Sheyr Singing 1-gen-2001 Badal, Khan Sabir
Palula Voices on Palula History”, English translation and annotations of an epic in Persian on the history of the Palula tribe in north-eastern Pakistan 1-gen-2001 Badal, Khan Sabir
An Introduction to the Performance of Verbal Art in Balochistan 1-gen-2001 Badal, Khan Sabir
A study of the Roles of Composer and Performer of a Balochi Oral Epic 1-gen-2002 Badal, Khan Sabir
Makran as Corridor to the Indian Ocean World 1-gen-2002 Badal, Khan Sabir
Language Contact in Balochistan and its impact on Balochi Personal Names 1-gen-2003 Badal, Khan Sabir
Tawkali Mast: Lover, Poet and Saint of Eastern Baloch Tribes 1-gen-2003 Badal, Khan Sabir
A Glance at Balochi Oral Poetry: Problems and Prospects 1-gen-2003 Badal, Khan Sabir
Balochi Oral Tradition 1-gen-2003 Badal, Khan Sabir
Balochistan: Oral Tradition 1-gen-2003 Badal, Khan Sabir
Names and Naming Practices 1-gen-2003 Badal, Khan Sabir
Riddles, Balochi 1-gen-2003 Badal, Khan Sabir
Divination, Balochi 1-gen-2003 Badal, Khan Sabir
'Lord of the Iron Bow’: The Return Pattern Motif in the Fifteenth-century Baloch Epic Hero Shey Murid 1-gen-2004 Badal, Khan Sabir
Song as Register: Socio-Cultural Role of the Poet in Balochistan 1-gen-2004 Badal, Khan Sabir
The Luris: Artists and Artisans of Southwest Asia 1-gen-2005 Badal, Khan Sabir
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 45
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