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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Barikot, Swat: Excavation Campaign 2021-2022, Preliminary Report. Trenches BKG 16, BKG 17, and BKG 18 1-gen-2022 Olivieri, LUCA M.; Iori, Elisa; Minardi, Michele; Lant, Emanuele; Samad, Abdul; Vidale, Massimo
The “Black Stone of Susa:” A Lost kudurru, an Unpublished Drawing and a Line of Middle Elamite Copied in the 1820s 1-gen-2022 Thomas Potts, Daniel; Basello, GIAN PIETRO
East and West 55 (1-4), 2005 [2006] Maurizio Taddei Memorial Volume 1-gen-2005 Callieri, P; Filigenzi, Anna
Excavations at Bir-Kot Ghwandai: The Historical Layers, in: Pakistan 1. The Italian Archaeological Mission in Pakistan 1-gen-1985 Filigenzi, Anna
“Forging the Garden. The Yuanye and the Significance of the Chinese Garden in the 17th Century” 1-gen-2003 Paolillo, M.
From Early to Late Tapa Sardār. A Tentative Chronology 1-gen-2005 Verardi, Giovanni; E., Paparatti
Gestures and Things: the Buddha’s Robe in Gandharan Art 1-gen-2005 Filigenzi, Anna
Islamic Ghazni. An IsIAO Archaeological Project in Afghanistan”. A Preliminary Report (July 2004-June 2005) 1-gen-2005 Giunta, Roberta
Notes on the elaboration and transmission of iconographic elements in Central Asia and India before the Kushans: the Zoroastrian ‘bird-priests’, kinnaras and sirens 1-gen-2021 Minardi, M.
Of Crowns and Diadems: New Pictorial Evidence from Akchakhan-kala 1-gen-2023 Minardi, Michele; Betts, Alison; Iskanderova, Aysulu
"On the Sadangayoga and the Realisation of Ultimate Gnosis in the KAlacakratantra" 1-gen-1996 Orofino, Giacomella
Review of Herman Oldenberg Kleine Schriften Teil 3, Herausgegeben von Hanns-Peter Schmidt, Franza Steiner Verlag, Stuttgart 1993 1-gen-1995 Sferra, Francesco
A Selection of Islamic Coins from the Excavations of Udegram, Swat 1-gen-2006 Giunta, Roberta
“Some Brief Remarks on a Funerary Stele Located in the Gazni Area (Afghanistan)” 1-gen-2001 Giunta, Roberta
Some Remarks on the Preliminary Reports Published on the Shaisha Excavations, Swat 1-gen-1998 Taddei, Maurizio
A space of mobility: the interregional dynamics of Buddhist artistic production as reflected in archaeological evidence 1-gen-2020 Filigenzi, Anna
Surya, the Solar Kingship and the Turki Shahi. New Acquisition on the Cultural History of Swat. 1-gen-2006 Filigenzi, Anna
Textual Criticism Notes on the Vimalaprabha by Pundarika 1-gen-1995 Sferra, Francesco
The Activities in China of the Tantric Master Manicintana (Pao-ssu-wei ???: ?-72l) from Kashmir and of his Northern Indian Collaborators.” East and West, N. S. 34.l-3 (Sept. l984), pp. 30l-345 1-gen-1984 Forte, Antonino
The Kusana Emperors as cakravartins. East and West 33, pp. 225-94. Rome 1983 1-gen-1983 Verardi, Giovanni
Mostrati risultati da 5 a 24 di 30
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