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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Noterelle su studi di dialettologia araba, in Oriente moderno, LI, n.3, 1971, pp.298-304 1-gen-1971 Chiauzzi, Gioia
Noterelle testuali 1-gen-1993 Munzi, Luigi
Notes from the Underground. Fanon, Africa and the Politics of the Real 1-gen-2011 Mellino, MIGUEL ANGEL
Notes on Eastern Iran during Post-Achaemenid, Parthian and Sasanian Period: a Preliminary Reappraisal of the IsMEO Excavations at Qal’a-ye Tepe and Qal’a-ye Sam in Sistan 1-gen-2016 Maresca, Giulio
Notes on foreign words in Hatran Aramaic 1-gen-2015 Contini, Riccardo; Pagano, Paola
Notes on George Borrow as a witness of Tangier Arabic in 1839. 1-gen-2021 Contini, Riccardo
Notes on Suetonius' Graeca 1-gen-2018 Rollo, Antonio
Notes on the doxai of doctors in Galen's commentaries on Hippocrates 1-gen-1999 Roselli, Amneris
"Notes on the Early Phases of Indo-Tibetan Buddhism" 1-gen-2001 Orofino, Giacomella
Notes on the elaboration and transmission of iconographic elements in Central Asia and India before the Kushans: the Zoroastrian ‘bird-priests’, kinnaras and sirens 1-gen-2021 Minardi, M.
Notes on the History of the Scythian Kingdom of Crimea 1-gen-2013 Gallotta, Stefania
"Notes on the International Role of Koxinga's Policy" 1-gen-1990 Carioti, Patrizia
Notes on the object cases in the old literary Finnish, especially in law texts. 1-gen-1987 Nummenaho, Pirjo Tuulikki
Notes sur Bédier et la critique textuelle en Italie 1-gen-2018 Barbato, Marcello
Notes sur la catégorie des verbes itératifs en tchèque 1-gen-2007 Esvan, Francois Jean
Notes sur l’aspect verbal en marge de la traduction tchèque d’un roman de Daniel Pennac 1-gen-2009 Esvan, Francois Jean
Notes sur l’usage de l’aspect verbal dans les subordonnées temporelles au passé en tchèque 1-gen-2010 Esvan, Francois Jean
Notes sur quelques textes oraux en tamazight du Maroc 1-gen-2010 DI TOLLA, Anna Maria
A noteworthy Chinese assemblage in Arabia: recent discoveries from al-Balīd, Sultanate of Oman 1-gen-2021 Visconti, Chiara; Pavan, Alexia
Mostrati risultati da 13.855 a 13.874 di 21.859
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