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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
On the periphery of Nollywood: Nigerian video filmmaking in Italy and the emergence of intercultural aesthetics 1-gen-2012 Alessandro, Jedlowski
On the Presence of African Musical Culture in Coastal Baluchistan 1-gen-2007 Badal, Khan Sabir
On the Relationship between Coarticulatory Effect of Lip Rounding and Syllabic Boundary in French 1-gen-1987 Giannini, Antonella
On the relationship between instantaneous frequency and pitch in speech signals 1-gen-2018 Mnasri, Zied; Amiri, Hamid
"On the road again ... or Honk if you love Buddha, di Renée Tajima Peña 1-gen-2009 DE CHIARA, Marina
On the routes of the Iberian lead. New data and new remarks on the presence of gentes from Campania in Hispania between the II century B.C. and the I century A.D. on the basis of marked lead ingots 1-gen-2013 Stefanile, Michele
"On the Sadangayoga and the Realisation of Ultimate Gnosis in the KAlacakratantra" 1-gen-1996 Orofino, Giacomella
On the So-called Abraham from Persia. A Case of Mistaken Identity 1-gen-1996 Forte, Antonino
“On the Street Where you Live: Italian American Doo-Wop in Postwar New York” 1-gen-2009 Buffa, Alessandro
On the Subject of the Mingtang 1-gen-1992 Forte, Antonino
On the Toponym of Varna - between Etymology and Ethnohistory (Nazvanie Varna – meždu etimologiej i etnoistoriej) 1-gen-2015 Lekova, Tatiana
On the toponym Schiava ‘slave’ 1-gen-2008 Manco, Alberto
On the Use of Spectrogram Inversion for Speech Enhancement 1-gen-2021 Bedoui, Raja Abdelmalek; Mnasri, Zied; Benzarti, Faouzi
On the writing desk of the Codex Leicester 1-gen-2018 Vecce, Carlo
On the Yeniseian Arin word teminkur ‘ore’. 1-gen-2015 Khabtagaeva, Bayarma
On translating Somali poetry 1-gen-2006 Orwin, Martin
On Translating Somali Poetry: some personal thoughts with particular reference to 'Saxansaxo' (Rain's Breeze) 1-gen-2018 Orwin, Martin
On Whiteness: Current Debates in Australian Studies 1-gen-2011 Russo, KATHERINE ELIZABETH; Brewster, Anne; Jensen, Lars
An on-line course for autonomous learning of Swahili through literature 1-gen-2012 Toscano, Maddalena; Acquaviva, Graziella; Aiello, Flavia
Once again on DB/AE L and DB/OP iv 89-92 In corso di stampa Rossi, Adriano
Mostrati risultati da 14.761 a 14.780 di 22.653
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