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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
The Languages of Tourism. Turismo e Mediazione 1-gen-2007 DE STASIO, C; Palusci, Oriana
The Last Stanzas of the Paramarthaseva 1-gen-2008 Sferra, Francesco
The Late Bronze Age Vessels from Gyoma 133, S.E. Hungary. The Stratigraphical Evidence 1-gen-1990 Genito, Bruno
The Latin Tradition and Icelandic 1-gen-2000 Micillo, Valeria
The Laud of the Chosen Deity, The First Chapter of the Hevajratantrapindarthatika by Vajragarbha 1-gen-2009 Sferra, Francesco
The Legacy of an English Speaking World 1-gen-2000 Balirano, Giuseppe; Pelosi, C.
The literature of Harar until the end of the 19th century 1-gen-2010 Banti, Giorgio
"The Locations of the Body in Hogarth's 'Analysis of Beauty'" 1-gen-2000 Laudando, Carmela Maria
'The London Blitz': uno sguardo di genere 1-gen-2006 Palusci, Oriana
The Luris: Artists and Artisans of Southwest Asia 1-gen-2005 Badal, Khan Sabir
The Maitreyist Huaiyi (d. 695) and Taoism 1-gen-1998 Forte, Antonino
The Maitreyist Huaiyi (d. 695) and Taoism. Additions and Corrections 1-gen-1999 Forte, Antonino
The management of archaeological sites in Southern Italy in enhancement and promotion of Cultural Heritage 1-gen-2006 Greco, Emanuele Angelo
The manuscript tradition of the Ethiopic Qalementos 1-gen-2006 Bausi, Alessandro
The Manuscripta Buddhica Project. Alphabetical List of Sanskrit Manuscripts and Photographs of Sanskrit Manuscripts in Giuseppe Tucci’s Collection 1-gen-2009 Sferra, Francesco
The maritime heritage of Yemen: a focus on traditional wooden ‘dhows’ 1-gen-2014 Agius, Da; Cooper, Jp; Zazzaro, Chiara
The masnavi-shahrâshubs as Town Panegyrics: An International Genre in Islamic Mashriq 1-gen-2001 Bernardini, Michele
The Massacre of Nagran: The Ethiopic Sources 1-gen-2010 Bausi, Alessandro
The Material Culture of the Medes: Limits and Perspectives in the Archaeological Research 1-gen-1995 Genito, Bruno
The Medes A Reassessment of the Archaeological Evidence 1-gen-1986 Genito, Bruno
Mostrati risultati da 21.216 a 21.235 di 23.442
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