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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
When Narration is Made Flesh: An Affective Reading of Geetanjali Shree's The Empty Space 1-gen-2014 DE RISO, Giuseppe
When Orality Turns to Writing: Two Documents from Wallagga, Ethiopia 1-gen-2006 Triulzi, Alessandro
“When orality turns to writing: two documents from Wallagga, Ethiopia”, in Cedric Barnes & Tim Carmichael (eds), Language, Power and Society. Orality and Literature in the Horn of Africa, 1-gen-2006 Triulzi, Alessandro
When Poets Become Sorcerers: The Cases of Virgil and Ch'oe Ch'iwon 1-gen-2014 Riotto, Maurizio
When the Europeans Began to Study Chinese: Martino Martini’s Grammatica Linguae Sinensis 1-gen-2013 Paternicò, Luisa Maria
When the Nigerian video film industry became 'Nollywood': Naming, branding and the videos’ transnational mobility 1-gen-2011 Alessandro, Jedlowski
"When the teacher is (e)motionally incompetent" 1-gen-2014 Palusci, Oriana
When the Translator is a Woman 1-gen-2011 Palusci, Oriana
'When Was Modernism?': Towards an Interstitial Cartography of Australia’s Modernity 1-gen-2011 Russo, KATHERINE ELIZABETH
When words go beyond words: Notes on a hermeneutical and sensualistic approach to text and translation in the poems of Kezilahabi and Leopardi 1-gen-2018 Gaudioso, Roberto
Where Awareness and Empowerment Meet.” In L. Landolfi (ed.). Framing Minds. English and Affective Neurosciences 1-gen-2018 Landolfi, Liliana
Where Science Fiction and al-khayāl al-‘ilmī meet 1-gen-2017 Barbaro, Ada
"Wherever We Work, That Land is Ours": The Italian Anarchist Press and Working Class Solidarity in São Paulo 1-gen-2001 Trento, Angelo
Which are the Factors Influencing Innovation Performances? Evidence from Italian Cohesion Policy 1-gen-2018 Arbolino, Roberta; Boffardi, Raffaele; De Simone, Luisa
Whiffs of home. Ethnographic comparison in a collaborative research study across European cities 1-gen-2019 Bonfanti, Sara; Massa, Aurora; Miranda Nieto, Alejandro
White Panic 1-gen-2018 Chambers, Iain Michael
White Tatars. The Problem of the Origin of Öngüt Conversion to Jingjiao and the Uighur Connection 1-gen-2013 Paolillo, Maurizio
Who achieves the efficiency? A new approach to measure “local energy efficiency” 1-gen-2020 Arbolino, Roberta; Boffardi, Raffaele; De Simone, Luisa; Ioppolo, Giuseppe
Who cares about the environment? An empirical analysis of the evolution of political parties’ environmental concern in European countries (1970–2008) 1-gen-2017 Facchini, F.; Gaeta, GIUSEPPE LUCIO; Michallet, B.
Who damages whom? Chinese firms' outward investment and the international reputation of China's economic system 1-gen-2015 Siddivo', Maria
Mostrati risultati da 21.494 a 21.513 di 21.780
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